2024: Jon Langford And The Bright Shiners – Where It Really Starts

Closing Time

2019 Men of Gwent: President of Wales

2019 Jon Langford & The Men Of Gwent – Lost On Land & Sea

2017 Jon Langford ‘s Four Lost Souls – Four Lost Souls

2016 Bad Luck Jonathan

2015 Jon Langford & His Men Of Gwent – The Legend Of LL

2014 Here be Monsters

2013 Roger Knox And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – Stranger In My Land

2011 Jon Langford With the Burlington Welsh Male Choir – Skull Orchard Revisited

2010 Old Devils

2006 The Nashville Radio Companion Earwig

2008 Katjon Band

2007 Danbert Nobacon and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – The Library Book Of The World

2009 Rosie Flores & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – Girl Of The Century

2006 Gold Brick

2005 Kevin Coyne With Jon Langford & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – One Day In Chicago

2005 Richard Buckner & Jon Langford – Sir Dark Invader Vs. The Fanglord

2004 All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds

2004 Barn Dance Favorites

2003 The Executioner’s Last Songs: Volumes 2 @ 3

2002 Jon Langford And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – The Executioner’s Last Songs Volume 1

2002 Jon Langford And His Sadies* – Mayors Of The Moon

2002 Sally Timms & Jon Langford – Songs Of False Hope And High Values

2002 Neal Pollack & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – The Neal Pollack Anthology Of American Literature

2000 Kelly Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – Beneath The Country Underdog

1998 Nashville Radio / Death Of Country MusicJon Langford – Gravestone EP

1997 Skull Orchard

1998 Salute The Majesty Of Bob Wills – The King Of Western

1994 Jonboy Langford And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts – Misery Loves Company

1993 Killer Shrews

1990 Dim Subooteyo

1988 Jelly Bishops

Wee Hairy Beasties

2006 Animal Crackers

2008 Holidays Gone Crazy


2020 Jon Langford’s Lucky Seven Series, Part 1

2021 Jon Langford’s Lucky Seven Series, Part 2

2022 Jon Langford’s Lucky Seven Series, Part 3

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  1. Hi! Do you share the chords to your wonderful songs? We love animal crackers and my dad wants to be able to play it for our son acoustically!
    Mahalo nui –
    Joy and Ohana

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