Killer Shrews

Killer Shrews
We know your secrets
Imp of the perverse
Bring Me The Fat In California
It’s Happening Again
Big Eye
Handful Of Gimme (And A Mouth Fulla Much Obliged)
Joined At The Head
Vote God
The Brain From Planet Eros
Hank Williams Must Die
Don’t Let The Bastards Let You Down (Illegitimi Non Carborundum)
Jon Langford: guitar, piano, vocals
Gary Lucas: guitars, vocals
Tony Maimone: Bass, synth, vocals

Steve Goulding: drums, backing voc.
Barbara Manning: voc. on Big Eye and BMTFIC
Dave Trumfio: sitar on HWMD
Paul Searsmith: Trumpet on Big Eye Betty Smith: Sax on JATH

Produced By Dave Trumfio
assisted by Mike Hagler
Recorded: 11-15-August 1993 at Kingsize Sound Laboratories, Chicago, Released as Enemy CD (EMY 141-2) An earlier version of ‘The Brain From Planet Eros’ appeared of the Gary Lucas album ‘Gods And Monsters’
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