Jon Langford and the Sadies: Mayor of the Moon

Jon Langford and the Sadies: Mayor of the Moon
01 Drugstore
02 Looking good for radio
03 American pageant
04 Little vampires
05 What makes Johnny run?
06 Strange birds
07 Up to my neck in this
08 The mayor of the moon
09 Last king of the road
10 Shipwreck
11 Solitaire song
12 Are you an entertainer?
13 Never real
Bear: bass
Critter: vibes & perc
Dallas: gt
Jonny: voc
Snake: dr
Travis: gt
Pedal steel: Bob Egan

Voc on ‘Shipwrecked’: Sally Timms
Keyboards: James Gray
Back. voc On ‘Johnny run’: Ken Sluiter

Recorded at the Wodshed Toronto by Nick Homes
Executive Guru (and provider of fine port wine): Greg Keelor
Overdubs recorded by Ken Sluiter at engine Chicago
Mixed at The Woodshed with Nick at Western Sound Labs Chicago with Kengineer
Cover art: Jon langford, design by M. Greiner
All songs by Jon Langford/Sadies, Pigsville Publishing andm. by DePugh Music (BMI)
Georges Méliès’ 1902 short film ‘A Trip to the Moon’
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