Wee Hairy Baesties : Holidays gone crazy

Wee Hairy Baesties :
Holidays gone crazy
(Wee Beatz 02)

Release date: 2008


1. Belly Button Blues
2. Here Comes My Shadow
3. Yellow Snow PSA
4. The Tail Of The Night Before…
5. Dinosaur Christmas
6. Pumpkinhead
7. Tidy Up! PSA
8. Wee Scary Beasties
9. Holidays Gone Crazy
10. Eat Your Greens PSA
11. Bury Me In The Sand
12. The Lonely Vampire
13. Tummy Trouble PSA
14. Jug Rag


Jon Langford: guitars, perc. vocals
Sally Timms: vocals
Kelly Hogan : vocals
Rick Sherry: harmonica, washboard, vocals, kick drum, jug, kazoo
Joel Paterson: lapsteel, guitar, vocals, kazoo, drums
Tom V. Ray: bass, ukele

http://www.myspace.com/weehairybeasties / Bloodshot

Sponsored by WBUG, a radio station that only insects can hear, The Wee Hairy Beasties’ first concert was at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. The band was under the mistaken impression they would be playing to the animals, so all their songs were about animals. The children that showed up seemed to enjoy the show a great deal as well, so a CD was concocted. The resulting Beastie music on Animal Crackers is mostly for kids, but if used wisely, shouldn’t bug the adults either.

The Beasties, CYRIL the KARAOKE SQUIRREL Jon Langford—Mekons, Waco Brothers, Pine Valley Cosmonauts), MARJORIE the SINGING BEE (Kelly Hogan), MONKEY DOUBLE DIPPEY (Sally Timms-Mekons) and Devil in a Woodpile believe that music for kids need not be unlistenable! Their dance-with-ants-in-your-pants blend of back porch blues, hoppity country and wiggly old-timey swing is bound to please any animal, child or adult within earshot.

The Beasties are Back! On their debut album, Animal Crackers (Bloodshot), Wee Hairy Beasties brought you frisky tunes about fuzzy things. Now Chicago’s motley kiddie band crew come to your house with a covered hot dish of brand new songs for the holidays when they release Holidays Gone Crazy on November 4, 2008 through their new label Wee Beatz, a subsidiary of Carrot Top Records. On Holidays Gone Crazy, you’ll find familiar, scary fun on Halloween with “Wee Scary Beasties” and “Pumpkinhead”, and you’ll even meet some far out holidays that may only exist in Beastieland, like “Dinosaur Christmas”. So roll back the rug, put the crispy onions on the green bean casserole, and set up the kids’ table in the basement—let’s go!

Wee Hairy Beasties—stews up a diverse bunch of new tales: creepy lullabies, nighttime stories about lonely vampires, and sunny day action tunes about playing in the sand. There’s an ode to everyone’s ever-present pal, your shadow, a cautionary tale about what lies deep in your belly button (!), and a super-rocking punk jumper about a veggie-patch dweller named Pumpkinhead! Check out the Wee Hairy Beasties’ PSA’s too: did you know that ice cream for breakfast is GOOD FOR YOU? Wee Hairy Beasties will set you straight! There are songs with Shangri-Las finger-popping flavor, fresh seat-of-the-pants harmonies, a musical nod to Slade (yes, Slade!) and some very special guests: actual kids singing along in wide-open ,b-i-n-g-o style! And, as always, Devil in a Woodpile’s bright and bouncy instrumentation—washboard, slide guitar, thumping upright bass, clarinet and harmonica—percolates like the best Harman-Ising cartoon bug band that ever was.

Holidays Gone Crazy is a rollicking good time for big and little folks alike—folks who know that spiders are cool, that the dark can be fun, and that dinosaurs love Santa Claus just as much as the next guy. Once again, Wee Hairy Beasties bring you songs that give kids (and their parents) credit for having a brain and knowing how to wield it! (Though to be fair, this record is also very good for forgetting about your brain and just dancing around in your underwear!) This album proves that there’s a fun holiday for every time of year!

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