Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Barn Dance Favorites

Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Barn Dance Favorites
1. Saturday Night at the Old Barn Dance
2. Here, Rattler Here!
3. Blues Stay Away From Me
4. Little Red Barn
5. Bye Bye Blues
6. I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart
7. Dixie Cannonball
8. Johnny Frigo (German Radio Interview)
9. Goin’ Down The Road

Bloodshot announcement:

A nostalgic homage to a time when Chicago was the unlikely capital of country music. Starting in 1924, the National Barn Dance hit the airwaves and became the most popular music show in the nation thanks to WLS and its 50,000 watts of broadcastiong power.

On this special limited edition CD(1500 numbered and signed by Jon Langford) the PVC celebrate Chicago’s glorious (and largely forgotten) country music history and the 36 years of the WLS National Barn Dance, America’s biggest Hillbilly Radio show from 1924 to 1960.

Cosmonauts Jon Langford, Tom V. Ray and John Rice have enlisted legendary 87-year-old violinist JOHNNY FRIGO (city boy and jazzer who fell in love with Country Music when he joined the Barn Dance in 1948), plus regular guests Sally Timms and Kelly Hogan, as well as gold-throated new-boy Scott Ligon, to recreate those magical Saturday nights in the Old Hayloft when Chicago, not Nashville, was the capital of Hillbilly Music.

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