Jon Langford: All the fame of lofty deeds

Jon Langford:
All the fame of lofty deeds

01 Last fair deal gone down
02 Constanz (with Hillbilly Lovechild)
03 Sputnik 57
04 The country is young
05 Hard times
06 The fame of lofty deeds (With Pine Valley Cosmonauts)
07 Nashville Radio (fast version)
08 Living a lie
09 Homburg
10 Over the cliff
11 Trouble in mind (With Pine Valley Cosmonauts)

01, 03, 08 with Jon Rice : dobro
02 with Tony Maimone: bass, Brian Doherty & Gzuy Lawrence: squeezebox
04 Pat Brenan: piano, organ
06 Steve Goulding: dr, Tom Ray: bass, Drew Carson: mandolin, Jon Rice: gt
07 Dan Massey: dr, Alan Doughty: bass, Pat Brennan: piano, Jon Rice: gt
09 Recorded off the radio (WXRT), composed by Brooker/Reid
10 Pat Brennan: piano
11: Joe Camarillos: drums, Eddie Carlson: bass, Pat Brennan: piano, Mark Durante: steel, David Yow: juglin, Jon Rice: gt, composed by R Jones
The title of this cd comes from a poem by Andreas Gryphius (1616-1664), an important German poet
Constanz: When you reach Konstanz harbour you’ll see a revolving Statue (9 meters and 18 tons). Built in 1993 by Peter Lenk the sculpture is called ‘Imperia’. In her streched-out hands she holds 2 jugglers, one bearing a king’s – the other wearing a pope’s crown, symbolizing the powers of church and state.
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