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postheadericon nips on my fins from orca’s teeth

John Boocock, our favourite hermit in Scotland, has written a nice piece on ‘Skull Orchard Revisited’ for the Mekons blog. For those who have not been there lately (hard to imagine):

Here’s the Link: LINK

postheadericon Jon Langford & Skull Orchard: Old Devils

Jon Langford & Skull Orchard:
Old Devils

(Bloodshot 175)
Release date: August 2010

1. 1234 Ever
2. Book Of Your Life
3. Getting Used To Uselessness (listen)
4. Self Portrait
5. Luxury
6. Pieces Of The Past
7. Haunted
8. Flag Of Triumph
9. Death Valley Day
10. Old Devils
11. River Of Ice
12. Strange Ways To Win Wars

Bonus Tracks (via Vinyl only):

1. Amazing things we’ve done
2. Danger Rock


Jon Langford: guitars, vocals
Alan Doughty: bass, piano, vocals
Joe Camarillo: drums, vocals
Jim Elkington: guitar, mandolin, piano

Jean Cook: violin
Barklay McKay: piano, rgan
Tawny Newsome, Sally Timms, Andre Williams: additional vocals
Bonerama Horns: Mark Mullins, Craig Klein, Greg Hicks


LP contains download card with digital version of album, plus two songs not on the CD and extra artwork Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Wee Hairy Baesties : Holidays gone crazy

Wee Hairy Baesties :
Holidays gone crazy
(Wee Beatz 02)

Release date: 2008


1. Belly Button Blues
2. Here Comes My Shadow
3. Yellow Snow PSA
4. The Tail Of The Night Before…
5. Dinosaur Christmas
6. Pumpkinhead
7. Tidy Up! PSA
8. Wee Scary Beasties
9. Holidays Gone Crazy
10. Eat Your Greens PSA
11. Bury Me In The Sand
12. The Lonely Vampire
13. Tummy Trouble PSA
14. Jug Rag


Jon Langford: guitars, perc. vocals
Sally Timms: vocals
Kelly Hogan : vocals
Rick Sherry: harmonica, washboard, vocals, kick drum, jug, kazoo
Joel Paterson: lapsteel, guitar, vocals, kazoo, drums
Tom V. Ray: bass, ukele

Order: / Bloodshot

Sponsored by WBUG, a radio station that only insects can hear, The Wee Hairy Beasties’ first concert was at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. The band was under the mistaken impression they would be playing to the animals, so all their songs were about animals. The children that showed up seemed to enjoy the show a great deal as well, so a CD was concocted. The resulting Beastie music on Animal Crackers is mostly for kids, but if used wisely, shouldn’t bug the adults either.

The Beasties, CYRIL the KARAOKE SQUIRREL Jon Langford—Mekons, Waco Brothers, Pine Valley Cosmonauts), MARJORIE the SINGING BEE (Kelly Hogan), MONKEY DOUBLE DIPPEY (Sally Timms-Mekons) and Devil in a Woodpile believe that music for kids need not be unlistenable! Their dance-with-ants-in-your-pants blend of back porch blues, hoppity country and wiggly old-timey swing is bound to please any animal, child or adult within earshot.

The Beasties are Back! On their debut album, Animal Crackers (Bloodshot), Wee Hairy Beasties brought you frisky tunes about fuzzy things. Now Chicago’s motley kiddie band crew come to your house with a covered hot dish of brand new songs for the holidays when they release Holidays Gone Crazy on November 4, 2008 through their new label Wee Beatz, a subsidiary of Carrot Top Records. On Holidays Gone Crazy, you’ll find familiar, scary fun on Halloween with “Wee Scary Beasties” and “Pumpkinhead”, and you’ll even meet some far out holidays that may only exist in Beastieland, like “Dinosaur Christmas”. So roll back the rug, put the crispy onions on the green bean casserole, and set up the kids’ table in the basement—let’s go!

Wee Hairy Beasties—stews up a diverse bunch of new tales: creepy lullabies, nighttime stories about lonely vampires, and sunny day action tunes about playing in the sand. There’s an ode to everyone’s ever-present pal, your shadow, a cautionary tale about what lies deep in your belly button (!), and a super-rocking punk jumper about a veggie-patch dweller named Pumpkinhead! Check out the Wee Hairy Beasties’ PSA’s too: did you know that ice cream for breakfast is GOOD FOR YOU? Wee Hairy Beasties will set you straight! There are songs with Shangri-Las finger-popping flavor, fresh seat-of-the-pants harmonies, a musical nod to Slade (yes, Slade!) and some very special guests: actual kids singing along in wide-open ,b-i-n-g-o style! And, as always, Devil in a Woodpile’s bright and bouncy instrumentation—washboard, slide guitar, thumping upright bass, clarinet and harmonica—percolates like the best Harman-Ising cartoon bug band that ever was.

Holidays Gone Crazy is a rollicking good time for big and little folks alike—folks who know that spiders are cool, that the dark can be fun, and that dinosaurs love Santa Claus just as much as the next guy. Once again, Wee Hairy Beasties bring you songs that give kids (and their parents) credit for having a brain and knowing how to wield it! (Though to be fair, this record is also very good for forgetting about your brain and just dancing around in your underwear!) This album proves that there’s a fun holiday for every time of year!

postheadericon Katjon Band

Jon Langford &Kat Ex:
Katjon Band
(Carrot Top Records 042)

Release date: Sept. 2008


Do you
Machine Gun
Bad Apples
Crackheads beware
Hey you don’t love me
Red Flag


Jon Langford

Kat Ex

Downloads from Carrot Top:

Bad Apples / Do you

Sites Katjon Band on Myspace
Carrot Top Records
In Europe: Order by The Ex mailorder

Jon Langford of The Mekons and Kat Ex of The Ex share a history outside their duo, KatJonBand. Both members of the 70s punk-rock squad, each faced their share of successes and failure in two of the biggest bands to emerge from the scene. Through a series of mishaps and shared friends, Jon and Kat join forces to bring their self-titled release.

Musically and lyrically, KATJONBAND, is a tough album; stripped down, basic and to the point. The Mekons and The Ex have always been explicitly political bands, so it’s no surprise that the Iraq war, globalization, class, greed, patriotism and kinky sex all rear their ugly heads in these bone-bare, blood-boiling anthems. With Kat on drums and Jon on guitar, the duo shares the microphone, summoning Jon’s gruff Welsh pirate howl and Kat’s clear-as-a-bell Swabian soar.

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Back in the mists of time, before Kat drummed her way into THE EX and Jon dusted himself off after the disastrous demise of The Mekons mark one, Jon stumbled upon a small, damp studio known as Joke-rent-a-cow studio (or something like that) on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Dolf Planteydt, who ran the studio also worked as the soundman for Holland’s least compromising and most physically demanding punk- rock collective, The Ex. Jon then met Terrie Ex from the band and went on to produce several CDs for them throughout the 80s and 90s, often guesting on drums or banjo when the mood struck him. While The Mekons toured Holland, The Ex let them stay in their squat, leading the two bands to tour together and eventually become label-mates at Chicago’s Touch & Go Records.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary at Amsterdam’s Paradiso in November 2004, The Ex invited Jon to MC the weekend’s events, offering to back him up for a set of his own. When he arrived in Amsterdam they forgot their offer and since nobody else knew any of the songs he wanted to play, they decided that their drummer Kat would back up Jon. She played drums with Jon’s art-rock metal trio, The Three Johns, back in 1985 when their drum machine went on strike, but this promised to be something different: just the two of them with no-set-list, no rehearsal and a packed house! Kat drums like nobody else on the planet and while the gig was seat of the pants in extremis, the crowd went mad and offers of gigs started trickling in. The KatJonBand was born…

A brief tour of festivals in Austria and Germany in 2005 led to plans for recording in Chicago the following year. Writing songs on the spot at Chicago’s North Branch studio, Jon found matches on guitar for the melodies in Kat’s poly-rhythmic improvisations. Fleshing the songs out across the Internet, Kat completed them whenever she could manage to get back to Chicago. KatJonBand played The Hideout Touch & Go Block Party in September 2006, cramming in a day at the studio and another when the Ex came back to play The Empty Bottle later that fall.

Two of the few bands who continue undaunted and unfettered since the heady days of 70s punk-rock, neither The Mekons nor The Ex ever split up, so (obviously) they’ve never reformed for any pathetic punk rock nostalgia tours. Back in the 90s they made a single together; one side included The Ex playing The Mekons’ Keep On Hopping and on the other The Mekons covered The Ex’s Crap Rap. KatJonBand is only the most recent collaboration between these two legendary groups and stays true to the pioneering spirits of both.

postheadericon Wee Hairy Beasties

Wee Hairy Beasties
(Bloodshot BS 136)

Release date: Oct 24, 2006

1.Wee Hairy Beasties (3:00)
2.Flies on My Tears (1:39)
3.Animal Crackers (2:07)
4.Ragtime Duck (2:10)
5.Housefly Blues (3:08)
6.A Newt Called Tiny (0:16)
7.I’m an a.N.T. (2:40)
8.Road Safety Song (1:59)
9.Cuttlefish Bone (2:47)
10.Glow Worm (1:08)
11.Buzz Buzz Buzz (1:49)
12.Cyril the Karaoke Squirrel (4:43)
13.Toenail Moon (3:55)
14.Lightnin’ the Turtle (1:36)
15.Wee Hairy Beasties Reprise (0:29)
plus Enhanced CD Video “Toenail Moon”

Cyril the Karaoke Squirrel (Jon Langford): gt, perc, voc
Marjorie the Singing Bee (Kelly Hogan): voc
Monkey Double Dippey (Sally Timms): voc

and Devil in a Woodpile:
Rick Sherry: harm, washboard, voc, clarinet, drum, jug, kazoo
Joel Paterson: gt. lap steel, voc, kazoo, drums
Tom Ray: bass

Produced By Jon Langford with Ken Sluiter

Bloodshot says:

The young will thrill to the sing-a-long tunes about ducks, squirrels, flies, newts and turtles, while the music geek in all of us will marvel at the dexterous harmonica and National steel guitar playing and super excellent vocals. All will benefit from the important lessons about road safety, keeping flies off your supper and the perils of karoake.

The Wee Hairy Beasties theme song even has a special dance. Every time the Beasties go “Wee!,” you climb up on your Mom or Dad’s shoulders and kick your legs up as high as you can–but make sure you hold on tight and if Dad’s wearing a wig hold onto his ears!

“Kids’ hootenannies don’t get any more fun, or parent-friendly, than this rootsy collection. A-.” Chris Willman Entertainment Weekly

“14 tunes lively enough to please even the most fidgety youngster, and which are also witty, swinging and guaranteed to make the grown ups in the room tap their toes…the wordplay is silly enough to make children giggle, but smart enough to still appeal to the more mature listener…and all the musicians brought their A Game.” Mark Deming All Music Guide

“This troupe rewrites the rules of the animal kingdom, delivering a barrel-full of fun against a collection of highly toe-tapping music that rarely quits… kids of all ages can grow an appreciation for music that doesn’t require the the need of a net or a purple dinosaur.” Today’s Parent

“At our reviewers’ household, the album was an immediate hit: ‘My daughter starts dancing like crazy when you put it on.'” Chicago Magazine

“What it would sound like if Where The Wild Things Are came to life as a song.” Songs: Illinois

“Make no mistake, Animal Crackers is a kids’ album. But it’s made with love and enthusiasm and will engage kids while making the parents smile. And if you had any affinity for The Bottle Let Me Down, you shouldn’t hesitate at all to get this album. Definitely recommended.

About Wee Hairy Beasties

Sponsored by WBUG, a radio station that only insects can hear, The Wee Hairy Beasties’ first concert was at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. The band was under the mistaken impression they would be playing to the animals, so all their songs were about animals. The children that showed up seemed to enjoy the show a great deal as well, so a CD was concocted. The resulting Beastie music on Animal Crackers is mostly for kids, but if used wisely, shouldn’t bug the adults either.

The Beasties, Cyril the Karaoke Squirrel Jon Langford—Mekons, Waco Brothers, Pine Valley Cosmonauts), Marjorie the Singing Bee (Kelly Hogan), Monkey Double Dippey (Sally Timms-Mekons) and Devil in a Woodpile believe that Kids music need not be unlistenable. Their dance-with-ants-in-your-pants blend of back porch blues, hoppity country and wiggly old timey swing is bound to please any animal, child or adult within earshot.

“The Beasties have an eclectic sound, and a remarkable chemistry among them. Musically, this ensemble is having way too much fun, but because they are such accomplished musicians, they are able to put forth a fun and relaxed, yet tight and technically strong album.” The Lovely Mrs. Davis

postheadericon Jon Langford: Gold Brick

Jon Langford:
Gold Brick
(ROIR – RUSCD 8296)

Release date: March 9th, 2006

Little bit of help
Workingman’s palace
Invisible man
Buy it now
All roads lead back to me
Anything can happen
Gold brick
Salty dog
Gorilla & the maiden
Dreams of leaving
Tall ships

John Rice (guitar, mandolin etc.)
Pat Brennan (keyboards)
Alan Doughty (bass & vocals)
Jean Cook (violin)
Dan Massey on drums

Produced By Jon Langford with Ken Sluiter

Devilishly crafted and scarily melodic GOLD BRICK is Langford’s third solo album and finds him back with R.O.I.R. the pioneering New York label that released The Mekons classic New York album in the late 80s. Collaborating with a band that includes Pine Valley Cosmonauts John Rice (guitar, mandolin etc.) & Pat Brennan (keyboards), Waco Brother Alan Doughty (bass & vocals), Jean Cook (violin) and Dan Massey on drums, this is probably Langford’s most consistent and coherent recording to date.
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postheadericon Kevin Coyne with Jon Langford & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts One Day In Chicago

Kevin Coyne
with Jon Langford
& the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
One Day In Chicago

(BURT 3)


1. Monkeyheart (K. Coyne)
2. Britischer Cowboy (K. Coyne)
3. Over Land & Sea (K. Coyne/R. Coyne)
4. Money Like Water (K. Coyne/Langford)
5. The Way Of The World (K. Coyne/Langford/Brennan/Rice/R. Coyne)
6. Happy Island Girl (K. Coyne)
7. Scene Of The Crime (K. Coyne/Langford)
8. She’s Not There (K. Coyne/Rice)
9. You You You (K. Coyne/Langford/Brennan/Rice/R. Coyne)
10. Angel (K. Coyne/R. Coyne)

11. Saviour (K. Coyne/A. Legget/G. Smith)
12. Blame It On The Night (K. Coyne)
13. Fat Girl (K. Coyne)
14. Money Like Water (K. Coyne/Langford)
15. Karate King (K. Coyne)

Tracks 1-11 recorded at Western Sound Lab, Chicago, IL December 2002 by Ken Sluiter.
Tracks 12 -14 recorded live at the Old Town School Of Folk Music, Chicago, December 15th 2002.
Produced by Jon Langford


The phone rings in the mixing room at North Branch Studio in Chicago and my wife breaks the news that Kevin died this morning. We’re busy finishing off an album he started with my band the Pine Valley Cosmonauts on his last visit to the states. It’s the last day of mixing and I’d been excited to send him the final product. I talk to his wife Helmi in Nuremberg and she tells me he died at home in her arms. This is the only good news; Kevin’s been slogging around Europe with an oxygen tank and breathing tubes in tow for the last few months playing blinding shows but living in constant terror of dropping dead in some hotel room all alone. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Barn Dance Favorites

Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Barn Dance Favorites
1. Saturday Night at the Old Barn Dance
2. Here, Rattler Here!
3. Blues Stay Away From Me
4. Little Red Barn
5. Bye Bye Blues
6. I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweetheart
7. Dixie Cannonball
8. Johnny Frigo (German Radio Interview)
9. Goin’ Down The Road

Bloodshot announcement:

A nostalgic homage to a time when Chicago was the unlikely capital of country music. Starting in 1924, the National Barn Dance hit the airwaves and became the most popular music show in the nation thanks to WLS and its 50,000 watts of broadcastiong power.

On this special limited edition CD(1500 numbered and signed by Jon Langford) the PVC celebrate Chicago’s glorious (and largely forgotten) country music history and the 36 years of the WLS National Barn Dance, America’s biggest Hillbilly Radio show from 1924 to 1960.

Cosmonauts Jon Langford, Tom V. Ray and John Rice have enlisted legendary 87-year-old violinist JOHNNY FRIGO (city boy and jazzer who fell in love with Country Music when he joined the Barn Dance in 1948), plus regular guests Sally Timms and Kelly Hogan, as well as gold-throated new-boy Scott Ligon, to recreate those magical Saturday nights in the Old Hayloft when Chicago, not Nashville, was the capital of Hillbilly Music.

postheadericon Jon Langford: All the fame of lofty deeds

Jon Langford:
All the fame of lofty deeds

01 Last fair deal gone down
02 Constanz (with Hillbilly Lovechild)
03 Sputnik 57
04 The country is young
05 Hard times
06 The fame of lofty deeds (With Pine Valley Cosmonauts)
07 Nashville Radio (fast version)
08 Living a lie
09 Homburg
10 Over the cliff
11 Trouble in mind (With Pine Valley Cosmonauts)

01, 03, 08 with Jon Rice : dobro
02 with Tony Maimone: bass, Brian Doherty & Gzuy Lawrence: squeezebox
04 Pat Brenan: piano, organ
06 Steve Goulding: dr, Tom Ray: bass, Drew Carson: mandolin, Jon Rice: gt
07 Dan Massey: dr, Alan Doughty: bass, Pat Brennan: piano, Jon Rice: gt
09 Recorded off the radio (WXRT), composed by Brooker/Reid
10 Pat Brennan: piano
11: Joe Camarillos: drums, Eddie Carlson: bass, Pat Brennan: piano, Mark Durante: steel, David Yow: juglin, Jon Rice: gt, composed by R Jones
The title of this cd comes from a poem by Andreas Gryphius (1616-1664), an important German poet
Constanz: When you reach Konstanz harbour you’ll see a revolving Statue (9 meters and 18 tons). Built in 1993 by Peter Lenk the sculpture is called ‘Imperia’. In her streched-out hands she holds 2 jugglers, one bearing a king’s – the other wearing a pope’s crown, symbolizing the powers of church and state.

postheadericon Jon Langford and the Sadies: Mayor of the Moon

Jon Langford and the Sadies: Mayor of the Moon
01 Drugstore
02 Looking good for radio
03 American pageant
04 Little vampires
05 What makes Johnny run?
06 Strange birds
07 Up to my neck in this
08 The mayor of the moon
09 Last king of the road
10 Shipwreck
11 Solitaire song
12 Are you an entertainer?
13 Never real
Bear: bass
Critter: vibes & perc
Dallas: gt
Jonny: voc
Snake: dr
Travis: gt
Pedal steel: Bob Egan

Voc on ‘Shipwrecked’: Sally Timms
Keyboards: James Gray
Back. voc On ‘Johnny run’: Ken Sluiter

Recorded at the Wodshed Toronto by Nick Homes
Executive Guru (and provider of fine port wine): Greg Keelor
Overdubs recorded by Ken Sluiter at engine Chicago
Mixed at The Woodshed with Nick at Western Sound Labs Chicago with Kengineer
Cover art: Jon langford, design by M. Greiner
All songs by Jon Langford/Sadies, Pigsville Publishing andm. by DePugh Music (BMI)
Georges Méliès’ 1902 short film ‘A Trip to the Moon’
BOOKS (Verse Chorus Press)
Waco Brothers
Three Johns
Art Gallery