Skull Orchard

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Skull OrchardOk, this has to be said: English isn’t my prime language, so I should leave my hands off this. Please be patient with my understanding of the lyrics. The original release has lyric sheets to fill the gaps in my understanding, especially of track 13 🙂

Tubby Bros. (2:20)
Penny Arcades (3:50)
Butter Song (3:12)
Sentimental Marching Song (4:20)
Youghal (3:06)
Trap Door (2:40)
Inside The Whale (3:30)
I Am The Law (2:10)
Pill Sailor (2:25)
Last Count (3:30)
My Own Worst Enemy (3:00)
I’m Stopping This Train (2:45)
Deep Sea Driver
Tom Jones Levitation (4:20);
Last song (1:04)


Jon Langford’s debut solo album SKULL ORCHARD is released by Sugarfree Records of Chicago on January 20th.

Jon Langford’s solo songwriting project THE SKULL ORCHARD has evolved into a full blown band which consists of Langford on guitar and vocals, notorious Chicago guitar demon Mark Durante (ex- Revolting Cocks, KMFDM), drummer Steve Goulding (ex-Gang Of Four, Graham Parker & The Rumour) and bass player Alan Doughty (ex-Jesus Jones). Also on the record are Sally Timms, Jane Baxter-Miller, Edith Frost, John Rice and more….

Having lived in America for the last 5 years (currently playing break-neck hard country with his band the Waco Brothers), Skull Orchard sees Langford turning his attention back across the Atlantic to the country he grew up in.

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Misery Loves Company

Misery Loves Company ( …explore the dark and lonely world of Johnny Cash)

Jonboy Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts

Cocaine Blues
Tennessee Flat-Top Box
Guess Things Happen That Way
What Is Truth?
I Got Stripes
Big River
Sunday Morning Coming Down
There You Go
I Still Miss Someone
Thing Called Love
Give My Love To Rose
Next In Line
Home Of The Blues

Killer Shrews

Killer Shrews
We know your secrets
Imp of the perverse
Bring Me The Fat In California
It’s Happening Again
Big Eye
Handful Of Gimme (And A Mouth Fulla Much Obliged)
Joined At The Head
Vote God
The Brain From Planet Eros
Hank Williams Must Die
Don’t Let The Bastards Let You Down (Illegitimi Non Carborundum)
Jon Langford: guitar, piano, vocals
Gary Lucas: guitars, vocals
Tony Maimone: Bass, synth, vocals

Steve Goulding: drums, backing voc.
Barbara Manning: voc. on Big Eye and BMTFIC
Dave Trumfio: sitar on HWMD
Paul Searsmith: Trumpet on Big Eye Betty Smith: Sax on JATH

Produced By Dave Trumfio
assisted by Mike Hagler
Recorded: 11-15-August 1993 at Kingsize Sound Laboratories, Chicago, Released as Enemy CD (EMY 141-2) An earlier version of ‘The Brain From Planet Eros’ appeared of the Gary Lucas album ‘Gods And Monsters’

Dim Subooteyo: Lakeside

Dim Subooteyo: Lakeside
My Life (With Harehill Cruisers)
Philipino Dementos Demestos
‘Who is the Baddie?’ Says Alan Laddie
Half Ponderosa
The Evil One Cometh (He Rides Roughshod on the Shoulders of the Poor)
Je suis tres fatigue
Friend Bothering
Rubble Trouble
basically Jon Langford and Brendan Croker with Emma (fiddle) and Mike – Squeezebox
SNAT Records (SNAT 001), Low Noise 1990

Jelly Bishops

The Jelly Bishops: Kings of Barstool Mountain, 1988
5-song 12″, w. Langford (Last 002)
Crushed Armadillo
Jelly Bishop Walk
Cannibals Of The Highway
Where Is Rudy Councilman Now?
Jelly Bishop Dance (Sword of Islam)
Line Up:
Jon Langford, Tom Greenhalgh, John Hyatt
The Jelly Bishops was a thinly veiled collaboration between the Mekons and Three Johns in 1986 – Tom Greenhalgh, Jon Langford and John Brennan (+ Hugo the 3 Johns drum machine) posed as the Jelly Bishops (“We are Randy, Jet & Troy, we’re from Schaumberg Illinois!”) for three shows in Chicago and this 12 inch 5 song EP which has been seriously unavailable for over 20 years!