Songs of False Hope and High Values – Reviews

Bloodshot says: You may know Sally and Jon from their decades-long stint in the ongoing punk/art experiment The Mekons, Jon’s leadership role in the country mayhemists the Waco Brothers, or Sally’s country chanteuse alter-ego Cowboy Sally. I suppose there’s a chance you may not know them at all.
Here’s your chance to hear them together on a numbered Limited Edition of 2000 8 song EP in a special paperboard sleeve with Langford cover art. It’s available only through Bloodshot’s mail order and website, very select stores and from Jon and Sally on tour.
Songs of False Hope and High Values has a stripped-down, but not sparse, campfire feel full of jaunty and crushing songs of hope desperation and heartbreak. It’s a couple of wide-eyed Brits wandering through the vast expanses of America soaking in all the grand myths, disappointments and shattered plans that have become part of the roadside scenery.Continue reading


“One of the brightest homages I’ve heard in a long time…not a bad or boring track to be found”
Bob Townsend Stomp and Stammer

“Somewhere beyond the pearly gates, Bob Wills is streched out in a rocking chair, a cigar in his left hand, a glass of Jack Daniel’s in the other, tapping his foot and grinnin’ from ear to ear. With all the crap on the airwaves that tries to pass itself as country music these days, this new recording is blessed relief…19 songs all told, each executed with the wild abandon and excellent musicianship that characterized Wills and the Playboys.”
David Bennett San Antonio CurrentContinue reading