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OPENING JUNE 1st: JON LANGFORD, Transmissions: Art and Words

Clay Street Press Gallery
1312 Clay Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Opening Reception

JUNE 1, 2012 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Exhibition continues through July 14, 2012


World Tatto ,Chicago 1993/94
Bridgewater/Lustburg Gallery, New york 1993
Anne Nathan Gallery, Chicago 1994
Dime Museum, Chicago 1993-94
Richad Mercle’s ” Music Bos I-VII” Stuttgard 1992,
SEVEN show at Garofalo Architecture space, Chicago 1996/97
Eastwick Gallery (solo show) Chicago 1996/97
Lounge Ax (solo show) Chicago 1996/97
Big Act prints show at Lineage Gallery 1996
Yard Dog Art (solo show) Austin Texas 1996/97/98
Barristers Gallery, New Orleans 1996
Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland FL 1996
Llantarnam Grange Art Center, South Wales 1997
Mekons United at Threadworks Space, New York1997
Augen Gallery, Portland Oregon 1997
Other Music (solo show) New York 1998
Inverness gallery, Scotland 1998
American Pop Culture Art gallery, Nashville TN 1998



University of Leeds Department of Fine Art 1976-81 BA Hons Fine Art

About his art:

His multi-layered paintings take imagery from old country music publicity photos and sheet music and envelope them in a haze of ironic nostalgia. A respected visual artist he is best known for his striking portraits of country music icons including Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley.

He describes his painting technique thusly: “Long process of layering, scraping, minute attention to detail. Basically, I create a very unstable surface with acrylics and pastel on top of each other and work on top of that with Sharpies, felt pens, white out, gunk, snot and whatever comes to hand.”

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