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postheadericon Sir Dark Invader Vs The Fanglord

Jon Langford & Richard Buckner: Sir Dark Invader Vs The Fanglord
Release date: 2016



Jon Langford
Richard Buckner


Miles Of Music says:

So, everything good that you could expect from the pairing of Richard Buckner with Jon Langford comes to fruition on Sir Dark Invader vs. The Fanglord. These two distinct voices, with their now familiar styles, arent so much fighting each other as they are playing nice, deflating the conflict the LPs title suggests. Yet, its easy to revel in the fusion of their dark and light personalities, Jons rocking tendencies with Richards organic roots vibe, as they harmonize and duet from song to song. The legend of how these two met is delightfully questionable. According to an inside source, the two met at “the security booth at Buck Owen`s Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA where they had been chained together for their own protection. Mouths taped shut with duct tape, they communicated via primitive Morse code messages tapped out on each other`s foreheads with fish bones.” Recorded at Sally Timms` apartment, Chicago late summer 2002, Buckner and Langford play nearly all the instruments, with John Rice (mandolin, guitar) and Lil Willy Goulding (drum kit)

Stylus Magazine:

So which one’s The Fanglord and which one’s Sir Dark Invader? Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Richard Buckner & Jon Langford Sir Dark Invader Vs The Fanglord

Richard Buckner & Jon Langford Sir Dark Invader Vs The Fanglord
(BURT 4)


1. Rolling Of The Eyes (Buckner/Langford)
2. Nothing To Show (Langford)
3. Sweet Anybody (Buckner)
4. From Attic to Basement (Langford)
5. Torn Apart (Langford)
6. Stayed (Buckner)
7. The Inca Princess (Buckner/Langford/Rice/Odom)
8. No Tears Tonight (Buckner/Langford)
9. Do You Wanna Go Somewhere? (Buckner)

Recorded at Sally Timms’ apartment, Chicago late summer 2002 and mixed with Ken Sluiter at Western Sound Lab except track 9 recorded in Brooklyn, NY and mixed by John Marshall Smith.

All instruments Buckner/Langford with John Rice – mandolin and guitar and digital Willy Goulding on some drum kit.

From an interview with Sally Timms:

From an interview with Sally Timms (via the “Doubters” mail list):

And as he’s not here, can you shed any light on what Jon’s been up to with Richard Buckner?

ST: “You don’t want to know. He and Richard came round to my house weirdly enough. They set up their home studio system in my back room and I left them to it. I came back and found two very drunken men, all red and sweaty, and I have no idea what they were doing. They said they were making a record.

“They’ve made an EP, I think, for this bloke Howard who¹s going to put it out. He works with Bertina at Thrill Jockey. They instantly bonded when they met, and they’ve been off like a pair of chubby school kids doing things ever since. I think we’re going to go on tour together. God help everyone.

“I’d go round to Jon’s and Richard would be swanning around with a hangover at about two in the afternoon. It was like having Lord Byron living in your attic. Cos he’s very romantic. He just wanders from here to there, not really living anywhere, just making music and breaking girls’ hearts.”

postheadericon Kevin Coyne with Jon Langford & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts One Day In Chicago

Kevin Coyne
with Jon Langford
& the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
One Day In Chicago

(BURT 3)


1. Monkeyheart (K. Coyne)
2. Britischer Cowboy (K. Coyne)
3. Over Land & Sea (K. Coyne/R. Coyne)
4. Money Like Water (K. Coyne/Langford)
5. The Way Of The World (K. Coyne/Langford/Brennan/Rice/R. Coyne)
6. Happy Island Girl (K. Coyne)
7. Scene Of The Crime (K. Coyne/Langford)
8. She’s Not There (K. Coyne/Rice)
9. You You You (K. Coyne/Langford/Brennan/Rice/R. Coyne)
10. Angel (K. Coyne/R. Coyne)

11. Saviour (K. Coyne/A. Legget/G. Smith)
12. Blame It On The Night (K. Coyne)
13. Fat Girl (K. Coyne)
14. Money Like Water (K. Coyne/Langford)
15. Karate King (K. Coyne)

Tracks 1-11 recorded at Western Sound Lab, Chicago, IL December 2002 by Ken Sluiter.
Tracks 12 -14 recorded live at the Old Town School Of Folk Music, Chicago, December 15th 2002.
Produced by Jon Langford


The phone rings in the mixing room at North Branch Studio in Chicago and my wife breaks the news that Kevin died this morning. We’re busy finishing off an album he started with my band the Pine Valley Cosmonauts on his last visit to the states. It’s the last day of mixing and I’d been excited to send him the final product. I talk to his wife Helmi in Nuremberg and she tells me he died at home in her arms. This is the only good news; Kevin’s been slogging around Europe with an oxygen tank and breathing tubes in tow for the last few months playing blinding shows but living in constant terror of dropping dead in some hotel room all alone. Read the rest of this entry »

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