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comic strips by Colin B. Morton & Chuck Death
Chuck Death is the nom de guerre of Jon Langford. Colin B. Morton is a writer, musician, and irrepressible satirist who lives in Newport, Wales, where he and Langford grew up. lists Great Pop Thing

Neil Strauss’s review of Great Pop Things, in his column “The Pop Life,” New York Times, Thursday Dec. 3rd
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postheadericon Songs of False Hope and High Values – Reviews

Bloodshot says: You may know Sally and Jon from their decades-long stint in the ongoing punk/art experiment The Mekons, Jon’s leadership role in the country mayhemists the Waco Brothers, or Sally’s country chanteuse alter-ego Cowboy Sally. I suppose there’s a chance you may not know them at all.
Here’s your chance to hear them together on a numbered Limited Edition of 2000 8 song EP in a special paperboard sleeve with Langford cover art. It’s available only through Bloodshot’s mail order and website, very select stores and from Jon and Sally on tour.
Songs of False Hope and High Values has a stripped-down, but not sparse, campfire feel full of jaunty and crushing songs of hope desperation and heartbreak. It’s a couple of wide-eyed Brits wandering through the vast expanses of America soaking in all the grand myths, disappointments and shattered plans that have become part of the roadside scenery. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Jon Langford Offers A Global Perspective

Jon Langford Offers A Global Perspective (and Talks About Music)
The American political system is in complete disarray. George W. Bush–the first president of the new millennium–will carry the baggage of illegitimacy until his PR team can convince the public that his reign is warranted. Constant legal bickering amongst partisan candidates and their contingents has marred the reputation of our once seemingly infallible institution of government. Ironically, the balance of power in the so-called Free World has been a legal nightmare, determined by one state, Florida, whose shape resembles a handgun.
Offering insight into his own politics, as well as his personal world of sound, Jon Langford sat down with after a Waco Brothers CMJ showcase gig in New York City. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Jon Langford & Sally Timms: Songs of false hope and high values

Jon Langford & Sally Timms: Songs of false hope and high values
First edition,: cardboard cover, BS (2000)
* Second edition: jewel case, BS 72 (2003)

01) Horses (2:56) (Lead vocal: Sally)
02) Watching the Horizon (2:14) (Jon)
03) Anything Can Happen (2:22) ( Jon)
04) Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain (2:37)
05) I Picked Up the Pieces(2:21) (Jon & Sally)
06) Dark Sun (3:12) (Jon)
07) Dover (3:53) (Sally)
08) Joshua Gone Barbados (4:48) (Jon)
09) Blessings (Jon & Sally) *
10) Hank signs his contract (Jon) * Jon’s paintings
11) Randwick bells (Sally) *
12 Blow the man down (Jon & Sally) *

Sally Timms. vocals and bicycle bells
Jon Langford: vocals and guitar
Jon Rauhouse: banjo, hawaiian guitar, mandolin and backing vocals
Tom Ray: double bass
Chris Mills: guitar
Sterve Rosen: banjo on ‘Watching the horizon’
John Rice: guitar and mandolin on ‘Watching the horizon’, ‘I picked up the pieces’ and ‘Anything can happen’
Ken Sluiter: organ on ‘Down from Dover’
BOOKS (Verse Chorus Press)
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Three Johns
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